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  • Dish drainer
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Beige/Brown
  • Handy kitchen supply
  • Easily let your dishes air dry
  • Provides enough storage for all your dishes

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SRD 228,69
USD 10,89

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SRD 254,10
USD 12,10

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Quality Construction: Powerfully crafted with attractive BPA free plastic material. This dish rack offers a sleek look and has two tiers to give you lots of drying space, along with a utensil basket to keep utensils organized until dry.

Safe and Steady: The two-layer cutlery rack is placed on a large drainer in which the dripped water gets collected. As it is quite steady when placed, so there will be no wiggles or wobbles keeping your plates from crashing down.

Large Drying Capacity: Perfect for any home, the two-layer dish drainer has a 14 plate capacity, a plastic drainer tray, a side mounting cutlery holder for all your forks, spoons, knives, and kitchen utensils. With this rack, you are able to complete a full load of dishes without waiting!

No more wet counters and towels: Your counter is safe from the drips of the drying dishes, thanks to the dish rack. The plastic drain tray will prevent excess water from pooling on your counters and creating a mess, so no wasting paper towels on clean up after you have put your dishes away.

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