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Bose expansion remote | RC-35S2

  • Total system control
  • Control your system from any room
  • Party by remote control

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Overview: The Bose RC35S2 expansion remote lets you access and control your Lifestyle V35, V25, or 235 home entertainment system from anywhere in your home. It is designed to be used wherever you have placed a Bose V-class expansion product, such as a Roommate or Homewide powered speaker system, or a 251 Outdoor Expansion package. The RC35S2 controls the unit via radio frequency (RF) instead of infrared (IR), so it works through most walls, floors, and ceilings–even outdoors. The remote control operates at 27.145 MHz, with a range of approximately 65 feet. The remote is powered by 4 “AAA” batteries.
Homewide Antenna: Included with the remote is the Homewide Antenna, designed to improve the strength of the remote’s RF signal. The antenna is approximately 6-1/2′ long with a 10′ antenna cable. It plugs into your Lifestyle system’s control console via its 1.5mm micro mini-plug. The antenna portion should be installed vertically as close as possible to the center of the house.
Room/House Code: Whenever an expansion product is added, a room code must be assigned to it. The RC35S2 remote’s room code must be set to match the code of the expansion product. There are 9 DIP switches inside the battery compartment of the remote–switches 6 through 9 are for setting the proper room code. The house code of the remote should be set to match the house code of Lifestyle system using DIP switches 1 through 4. There are 14 possible room codes (B through O) and 16 house codes (0 through 15).
Controls: The RC35S2 offers simple controls for selecting sources and adjusting audio playback in the expansion room. Some of the controls include:
Power: Turns on and off the Bose link expansion system.
Party: Links all connected expansion products to the source playing on the Lifestyle system in the main room. The Party Mode is helpful when the same music is desired in multiple rooms.
Source Selection: A row of four buttons for selecting any device set up to work with your Lifestyle system. For sources other than AM/FM radio or iPod, the source must be powered on prior to selection. The source selection buttons include:
TV: selects sources configured for TV viewing, including connected set-top boxes connected to the control console. Each press switches to the next available source.
FM/AM: selects the last FM or AM radio station tuned. Each press toggles between FM and AM bands when the radio is on.
Disc: selects disc devices connected to the control console, such as DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and CD players. Each press switches to the next available source.
Other: selects your iPod (if docked), other digital media players, or game consoles connected to the control console, as well as the last selected local source in the expansion room. Each press switches to the next available source.
Playback Controls: allow you to operate devices connected to the Lifestyle system such as a DVR, DVD/CD player, and docked iPod. Controls include play/pause, stop, skip forward, and skip backwards.
Volume Controls: Raises and lowers the volume in the expansion room. Mute button mutes expansion room speakers. If pressed and held, the mute button mutes the speakers in all rooms.
Channel Controls: Changes to next or previous TV channel or radio preset. If source in use is cable/satellite box, it changes the channel on that device. The Previous channel returns to the last TV channel or radio station preset tuned.
Numeric Keypad: Numbers 0-9 can be used for directly selecting a CD track, DVD chapter, radio station preset, or TV channel. The “dash” button, lets you enter a dash or dot as necessary for a digital TV channel number. An Enter button is provided to confirm channel selection for certain TVs.

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  • For use with select Bose® Lifestyle® home entertainment systems
  • Uses RF signals to control system from other rooms
  • Can control Bose® components and speakers in up to 14 rooms
  • Provides playback controls for devices connected to the Lifestyle® system such as a DVR, DVD player, and docked iPod®
  • RF range up to 65 feet
  • Party Mode switches speakers in all rooms to a single music source
  • 2-5/16″W x 1-1/16″H x 7-11/16″L

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