HSDS Warranty Terms

At HSDS, you always enjoy the best price, best quality, and best service. We aim to provide you with the best advice and information during your purchase and even afterward. If something is not right or if you have a question, HSDS is here to assist you.

The warranty terms begin on the day of purchase (invoice date) and are only valid with the original receipt. We do not offer standard warranties for water filters, air filters, batteries, chargers, remote controls, adapters, USB sticks, SD/XD/Memory Cards, non-electrical consumer products, special orders, and for virus downloads.

At HSDS, we take responsibility for the integrity of our products. However, this responsibility assumes that you use your purchase properly. The following cases are not covered by our warranty:

  • Damage or defects caused intentionally or due to negligence.
  • Improper use, not following instructions.
  • Lack of maintenance or incorrect maintenance.
  • Commercial, industrial, or commercial use.
  • Self-installation, relocation, or repair by yourself or third parties.
  • Damage due to weather conditions such as lightning strikes, rust spots, water damage, and sun damage.
  • Use without regulators or stabilizers.
  • Normal wear and tear.

Nevertheless, we will not leave you stranded in the above-mentioned cases and are willing to assist you. You can always make use of HSDS's repair service, even if you did not purchase your product from HSDS. Please contact HSDS customer service for assistance: +597545326 / +597545286 / +5978746281.


HSDS warranty covers only manufacturing defects. HSDS's liability is limited to the cost of repair. HSDS's service department will repair the product under the guidance of the manufacturer/supplier. The transportation costs for parts and products that need to be transported to and from abroad for repair are at your own expense and must be paid in advance.

Transportation costs abroad:

  • Laptops: $50 to $100
  • Small Electronics: $25
  • Bose products: $150

Warranty Period

  • Mobile phones:
    • 1 month (products < €100)
    • 3 months (products ≥ €100)
  • Small appliances:
    • 3 months (products < $100)
    • 6 months (products ≥ $100)
    • Vacuum cleaners, beauty products, kitchen and household appliances
  • Large appliances, microwaves, and water dispensers:
    • 12 months
    • Frigidaire, Whirlpool: 12 months
    • Samsung, Premium, LG, Deawoo, Electrolux, Frigidaire
  • Boilers: 12 months
  • Televisions:
    • 6 months for screens
    • 12 months for all other parts
  • Air conditioners:
    • 1 year for indoor & outdoor units and 3 years for compressors
  • Pressure washers:
    • 1 month (for electric pressure washers)
    • 1 month (for gas pressure washers)
  • Sound equipment:
    • 6 months (products ≥ $100)
    • Projectors, home theaters, music systems, subwoofers, amplifiers, etc.
  • Computers and tablets:
    • 1 month (products < €100)
    • 3 months (products < €200)
    • 6 months (products ≥ €200)
    • Laptops, desktops, netbooks, and tablets
  • Computer accessories: 1 month (headsets, mouse, speakers, keyboard, monitor)
  • Fitness equipment: 6 months (products ≥ $200)
  • Small electronics: 6 months (products < $100)
    • Phones, digital cameras, iPods, camcorders, MP3 players, printers, routers

Extended Warranty

At HSDS, we care about our customers. We offer you the option to double your warranty period by paying an additional 10% of the purchase amount. Note: This requires a minimum payment of €25.


  • There is no warranty on all non-electrical consumer products.
  • There is no warranty on USB sticks, SD/XD/Sony Memory Cards.
  • There is no warranty on batteries, adapters, chargers, remote controls.
  • There is no warranty on water filters, air filters, bulbs, and accessories of all devices.
  • There is no warranty on Special Orders: All online products specially ordered from abroad.
  • The warranty is void in cases of damage due to weather conditions such as lightning strikes, rust spots, water damage.
  • The warranty is void for incorrect installation in your home, improper use, negligence, tampering, or incorrect adjustments.
  • The warranty is void for virus downloads.
  • The warranty is void for industrial use.
  • The warranty is void for non-compliance with instructions / lack of proper maintenance.
  • The warranty is void for TVs that are NOT connected to regulators or stabilizers.
  • The warranty is void for household products used commercially.
  • The warranty is void for damage to devices during customer transport.
  • The warranty is void if the plug is cut off and/or replaced.
  • The warranty is void when unauthorized persons make any changes or repairs.
  • The warranty is void if washing machines, dishwashers, and devices that need to be connected to the water network are not equipped with a hydrofor connection.
  • The warranty is void if you do not have the installation receipt from HSDS, clearly indicating that payment was made for installation.
  • The warranty is void if appliances are moved by third parties.